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In a metropolitan area with thousands of eye level commuters, our Company Ads Buy Us, is Focused on servicing Local Businesses with Eye Level Advertisement in Los Angeles. We will help your Business extend its viewer base within the region. We provide opportunities for both large or small Enterprises by using our Billboards in Los Angeles that will be viewed by the Greater Los Angeles Audience. Car advertising is a form of marketing that uses vehicles as mobile billboards to advertise a product, service, or brand. Car advertising can be done in many ways, including wrapping the entire vehicle in an advertisement, placing decals on the vehicle, or painting the vehicle. Car advertising is most commonly seen in metropolitan areas where there is a high volume of traffic. Marketing in Los Angeles can be a very effective way to reach potential customers with the help of Car Advertising.

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Car advertisement is a great way to get your message out to potential customers. Mobile billboards in Los Angeles can be a cost effective way to reach your target market. This is a great way to reach people who might not be reached through other forms of advertising. Billboard Los Angeles can also be a great way to reach your target market. You can rent space on a mobile billboard and have your ad seen by people who are passing by. Advertising on cars is a great way to get your message out to potential customers.

Geo-target ad content

Use geofencing to deliver content with specific messaging to your ideal audience for maximum response.

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It’s a advertising network

ADSBUYUS creates a connection between brands and consumers in an engaging new way.

The Greater Los Angeles Ride Share, Will bring your brands to Consumers at eye level engagement.

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You can view real time updated historical performance reports online that include Quarterly Reports of impressions and ECPM Maps showing where each of the ad plays were delivered.

Pricing will vary by market due to different quantities of impressions being available.

24 hours

The restrictions are fairly standard for public, out of home media including prohibition profanity, recreational nudity and other derogatory content. Additionally misleading ads, controversial ads and ads that have predominantly blue, red or amber color that might be interpreted as looking like emergency lighting.

Your content will be played a minimum 400 times and maximum 1200 times a day. Total time will be calculated according to the length of video you will provide.

We will provide you the estimated results on the basis of location and LA population per square feet.

We required 960x320 pixel video or an image to play on a Screen.

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